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Best place you’ve ever travelled to and why?

West Railay Bay, Krabi, Thailand – a stunning mix of aqua sea, outcrops, beach and rock climbers

Best outdoor achievement:

Completing the full three hour circuit of Kingsdale Master Cave in North Yorkshire. Chambers small than me, flooding and very bruised knees!

Highest Mountain Climbed:

Snowdon at the age of 10

Favourite Tipple

G+T please!


Highest mountain climbed?

Aside from climbing Scafell Pike (978m), the highest mountain range I have visited are the Nilgiri mountains in Tamil Nadu, Southern India. At least 24 of the Nilgiri mountains' peaks are above 2,000 metres.

Best outdoor activity achievement?

Mountain biking in the balmy sub-tropical mountains of Da Lat, Vietnam and being knocked off my bike by a bunch of bananas!

Most adventurous food you’ve ever eaten?

Snake in Vietnam

Best foodie creation / recipe tried?

My homemade Malaysian Laksa is always a hit


What’s your favourite walk and why?

The walk from the Rose and Thistle Inn, Alwinton, Northumberland. There are some beautiful views, even on a not so beautiful day. It was also the first time we realised our Border Collie was scared of sheep, typical!

Best place you’ve ever travelled to and why?

Cathedral Cove, on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand, is one of the most amazing places I've ever visited. The long, walk to and from the cove is so worth it - it is truly magical!

What’s your favourite food?

Japanese Yakitori, I had it for the first time this year and have spent the time since trying to recreate it at home with incorrect but delicious results!

Favourite tipple?

Working in a brewery at uni developed my taste for ales and lagers, but you can't beat a G+T with ice and a slice on a summer day!


Best place you’ve ever travelled to and why?

New York by far. There are endless things to do and the skyline at night is simply breath-taking.

Highest mountain climbed?

Skiddaw in the Lake District on a school trip.

What’s your favourite food?

I’m terrible at cooking but obsessed with food. A margherita pizza has to be at the top of the list though!

Favourite tipple?

I do love a good cocktail, especially a mojito in the summer sun.

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